Founding Team

Satyendra Tomar

Having been born in an agriculture dominated rural family, although there was a scarcity of resources, my childhood was spent in an affectionate proximity of nature. By Mā Saraswati’s blessings, because of a sharp mind, I was a bright student from childhood. After passing the seventh grade from my village, on my request, my father got me admitted in a government school in Saharanpur. From there, I passed class XII, and graduated in science subjects. Subsequently, after passing the postgraduate examination in Applied Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, I did my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Immediately after finishing my studies, in 2001, I got an opportunity to work and learn higher and Advanced Mathematics & Science in the Netherlands (Europe). After working there for three years, I got an opportunity to work in higher and Advanced Mathematics at a senior scientist level in Austria. I worked there for about nine years, and supervised 2 students for their Ph.D. degree. During this period, I also worked as a Professor in Germany for about six months. Subsequently, since 2015, I have been working in various positions in the UK and Luxembourg, and taught, trained and supervised the work of Ph.D. and senior students. Besides this, in 2018 - 2019, I also held the position of Head of Center for Information Technology and Applied Mathematics in Slovenia. Since coming to Europe, I have travelled to about 25 nations, and delivered about 50 lectures on my research work on international forums and conferences.
I actively participated in student activities since my time at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, and I had held several posts of Students Gymkhana at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. With all these responsibilities, I got greater experience of life, and I was able to deeply learn the many dimensions of our society. On various occasions of life, a desire arose to contribute actively to the upliftment of Indian society, but I could not spare much time because of family responsibilities. However, my normal life was not accepted to Mother nature. Therefore, some events that took place in 2014, directed my attention towards the development of our society rather than just personal development. Since then, I focused deeply on the growing problems in our society, and studied our history. Consequently, I came to the conclusion that my path to salvation is only in the progress and development of our society. Therefore, according to the method prescribed in our scriptures, I have solemnly vowed to slowly move towards Vānprastha Ashram. It is the grace of the auspicious powers of Mother nature and of Mā Bharti that at this precise time I got worthy and dedicated associates with like minded ideology, and we established the Vajrakul organisation on 21.08.2020. It is also a strange law of nature that my father left for heavenly abode on 22.08.2020 itself. Perhaps, his soul had not renounced his dependent and sick body for the last nearly two years only to give me this blessing, and his soul abandoned the unworthy body as soon as our organisation was officially established.
Jai Mā Bhārti (Hail Mother India)

Neeraj Tomar

I was born in a farmer’s family, and most of my early life was spent in Saharanpur. Our whole family lived in Saharanpur, yet my heart always attracted me to my village. After completing my graduate examination with science subjects from Saharanpur, due to some family circumstances, most of my youth was spent in my village. After this, because my heart was always enthusiastic to serve our motherland, to join the Indian Army, I went to Dehradun for the preparation of Combined Defense Services (CDS) competitive exam. Although I could not succeed, this failure further strengthened my resolve and sense of service to our motherland.
Afterwards, I worked in the banking sector for a few years, and thereafter started my business. Life was happily going on with the family, but in my heart there was always a hidden aspiration to serve our motherland that continued to haunt me. This aspiration was always subdued due to lack of good leadership and team, and some other worldly duties. But now by the grace of God and Vajrakul, when Mā Bharti has called upon me with a good leadership and team, I feel very proud. Therefore, I look forward to offering every possible sacrifice in this Yajna. If I am able to support even a small amount in restoring the pride of our motherland, I will consider myself lucky. Now my only aim will be to fully cooperate and contribute in achieving the mission of Vajrakul.
Jai Mā Bhārti (Hail Mother India)

Rajeev Tomar

After receiving my education, I worked as an education consultant for 8 years. Now I have got an opportunity to connect with Vajrakul, which is very fortunate for me. A successful person does not need to introduce himself in the society, his/her success speaks for himself/herself. The need is to move towards success through knowledge and hard work. According to me, freeing from bad values and bad habits by constantly keeping the sacred thoughts and proceeding to live a good life is the only solution. A good person always progresses with his knowledge and ideas, and gets respect in the society. The piousness of the mission and objectives of Vajrakul is the only reason for me to join it. By always obeying the constitution of Vajrakul, I shall fully cooperate and contribute in disseminating and publicising the teachings of Vajrakul.
Jai Mā Bhārti (Hail Mother India)

Mrs Aashim Sharma

● I was born in Gurdaspur, Punjab. Lives of brave Bhagat Singh and Swami Vivekanand have had a great influence on my life and pursuits. I acquired my initial education from Chandigarh, and went on to do a Master’s Degree in History from Punjab University, which was followed by M.Ed. from Punjab University. I am also a UGC qualified teacher, and have given deliberations on history and on teacher education in numerous forums. In the past, I have also written editorials on Kashmir issues in newspapers.
● The skeleton of my life has always been to serve my nation. I strongly believe that there is never a right time for national service. Any moment of time can be utilized for serving motherland. I worked in Army Public School as a teacher, and taught the wards of real heroes (soldiers). After teaching for 6 years in school, I joined Army College as a lecturer, and served there for 4 years. Now I am a homemaker, and am looking after my family. I am also an active member of RSS.
● Patriotism has been there all around me. My grandfather and three of my uncles have served the Armed Forces. My husband is the fountainhead of all my inspirations. As a doctor in Indian Armed Forces, he has a unique opportunity to serve the nation in a dual role of soldier and doctor. For his service, he has been awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal by the president of India. His enthusiasm and determination for national service has given a great impetus to my endeavors.
Vajrakul defines my life's philosophy, and I am honoured to be a part of this eternal power. I shall always abide by Vajrakul's Constitution, and shall work to the best of my abilities to serve my nation.
Jai Mā Bhārti (Hail Mother India)